Kindle Ranker – How to find Amazon book categories for nonfiction books

In the previous case study, we looked at kindle best seller lists in the Historical Fiction theme. We had plenty of Amazon book categories to choose from. But what about writing on a subject so damn narrow that there are only 3 or 4 obvious choices?

I actually went through this same issue myself not so long ago.

See, I write books about computer security, how is that for a niche !?
There are exactly 6 Amazon book categories related to this subject…Now that’s depressing!

Furthermore, given that I published a couple of books already, they were basically competing with each other on the same best seller lists…not very efficient.

That was before Kindle Ranker and its best seller lists classification!

Instead of searching for obvious keywords in Amazon book category names, we will look for titles or descriptions related to computer security best seller books. Kindle Ranker will show us which Amazon book category names they are featured in.

A simple search for computer security leads to a bunch new possibilities:


This data is rough though. Kindle Ranker returns categories listing “computer” or “security” related books… It is a good start, but we can refine the data a bit by using special operators like quotes “computer security”. This keyword instruct Kindle Ranker to look for the literal phrase “computer security”.

Furthermore, we will remove results related to History and Politics as the book in question is fairly technical.

The following query looks for the literal sentence computer security, excludes results containing business and history keywords and focuses on hacking topics:

Well isn’t that a sight!

Who said I should limit myself to 6 categories when so many possibilities are available? The green everywhere is encouraging. There is a low threshold to break into these Amazon book categories, especially in comparaison with the challenging “Security & Encryption”.


These categories beg to be conquered! Brilliant, now we can sort by the last book’s rank and choose an Amazon book category to our pleasing!

It was not that difficult to place a niche book after all 🙂