Track any book's sales performance on Amazon

Track any Kindle, Paperback or Audiobook

Input the ASIN of any Kindle/Paperback book and follow their sales performance over time. Each 3 hours you get an updated view of their absolute rank, relative rank in each category, price promotions, number of comments, etc. You can exactly pinpoint when each author executed each of their marketing campaigns and how effective they were.

Configure personalized alerts

Easily set up a notification to track important events related to any book's performance. It is easy, reliable and can save you time worrying about your book's success (or your competitor's). As of now, you can easily track the following metrics:

  • The absolute rank relative to a threshold you set
  • Price promotions and Free Giveways
  • A new comment by a reader
  • Hitting best seller status in a category
  • Hitting the front page of a best seller list

Select a metric and threshold

Select books

Hold the ctrl/cmd button to select multiple books

Name and create alert