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Find the right book idea for the right audience

Research any book idea on Kindle Ranker and get a complete assessment of its profitability, potential competitors, difficulty to achieve best seller status, etc. Finding the best book idea has never been easier.

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Spy on successful Amazon authors

Search for Amazon authors and get a summary of their book sales, total books publishers and a detailed account of their best sellers performance.

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Boost your Kindle sales using long tail keywords

Find long tail Amazon keywords using the Kindle Keyword Search tool. Optimize your book description, title and editorial reviews to include high profile keywords and boost your sales.

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Find the best Amazon Book categories and increase your income

Easily compare all of 17 000 Kindle categories (US & UK) to find the the most profitable and least competitive ones for your book.
Track every category's performance during the last 90 days and boost your income by finding so-called golden niches!

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Spy on any Kindle or Amazon book

Track the performance of any book on Amazon: number of daily sales, reviews, stars, price variation, etc. Set up monitoring alerts to detect price promotion campaigns and measure their success. Get notified everytime there is a new comment, or the book achieves best seller status in any category.

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Which book ideas are most successful on Kindle?

Enter any theme, subject, keyword, sentence, etc. in the search bar above, and you get a full assessment of that idea's potential:

  • Competition: How many best selling titles cover the same idea.
  • Profitability: How many book sales should you expect from this idea? Under what conditions? Is there a real market for it?
  • Difficulty: How easy is it to beat the competition and how to budget your marketing strategies?
  • Niche: How many Kindle categories can display your book?
The data is based on the performance of 600 000 best sellers. Some of them found their golden idea, so can you!

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Global score of the book idea "paranormal romance"



Great idea. Few best sellers explicitly cover this theme.



Sales volume are mostly under the $1000/month mark, even for top selling books. If the difficulty is too high,....



This topic is dominated by books that sell pretty well - more than 10 books a day on average. There is defi....



The topic idea is either very broad or not explictly linked to an obvious Amazon category. Authors may....

Total books on Amazon

Books in Top 30 bestsellers

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kindle best category lists

>Colleen Hoover

Hoover Ink, Inc.



kindle best category lists

>Colleen Hoover

Hoover Ink, Inc.



kindle best category lists

>Colleen Hoover

Atria Books


Get a sneak peak into successful authors' sales data

Gather information about successful authors in your genre and study their publishing strategies to replicate their success: Pricing sweet spot, Recurrent storylines, Number of daily sales, Categories they favor, etc.

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Find profitable niche Kindle categories

Category name   Best seller rank   50th book's rank   Median sales volume   Median price   Volatility   New book releases   Self published books  
Books -> Science Fiction & Fantasy -> Fantasy -> Myths & Legends 293 5,858 $7,258 $4.99 5% 37% 40%
Books -> Science Fiction & Fantasy -> Fantasy -> Romantic 12 1,208 $27,371 $3.97 10% 63% 33%
Books -> Literature & Fiction -> History & Criticism -> Genres & Styles -> Science Fiction & Fantasy 15,385 129,093 $2,429 $17.36 18% 30% 0%

Kindle Ranker gathers information about 600 000 bestsellers in 17 000 kindle categories across the US & UK markets. For each Amazon book category, you get 7 critical metrics:

  •   The bestseller's rank and an estimate of the daily sales to be a bestselling author
  •   The 50th book's rank and an estimate of the daily sales to reach the front-page of a category's bestseller list
  •   Median volume sales - how much earnings to expect from any given Amazon book category
  •   Median price - what's the pricing strategy followed by current writers
  •   Volatility - how frequently does the bestseller list change
  •   New releases - how many books are released on average every day
  •   Indie books - how many indie books successfully made it to the bestseller list

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Kindle eBooks > Teen & Young Adult > Romance > Contemporary

1st daily sales: 171
50th daily sales: 13
Volume sale: $6,144
Book price: $3.99

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Find long-tail KDP keywords

Kindle Keyword Search Tool helps you find long tail keywords to use as a titles, subtitles and in your book description to attract more readers.
You can add these keywords in the KDP keyword menu or even target them on Amazon ads and other advertising platforms. Find out the right keywords for your book and increase your sales and income!

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Spy on any Kindle book

Input the ASIN of any Kindle/Paperback book and follow their sales performance on a 30-day sliding window. Each 3 hours you get an updated view of their absolute rank, relative rank in each category, price promotions, number of comments, etc. You can exactly pinpoint when each author executed each of their marketing campaigns and how effective they were.

Set up email notifications

You can easily track the following metrics:

  • The absolute rank relative to a threshold you set
  • Price promotions and Free Giveways
  • A new comment by a reader
  • Hitting best seller status in a category
  • Hitting the front page of a best seller list

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