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Kindle bestseller list

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If your book does not make it to the front-page of a Kindle bestseller list, it is as good as dead
Sure, you can temporarily boost your sales with book promotions and gain a few ranks, but if your Amazon book category is too competitive, you're better off spending that money on booze...


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Category name   Best seller rank   50th book's rank   Median sales volume   Median price   Volatility   New book releases   Self published books  
Books -> Science Fiction & Fantasy -> Fantasy -> Myths & Legends 605 5,724 $7,820 $3.99 4% 25% 45%
Books -> Science Fiction & Fantasy -> Fantasy -> Romantic 114 1,145 $12,312 $3.49 4% 70% 40%
Books -> Literature & Fiction -> History & Criticism -> Genres & Styles -> Science Fiction & Fantasy 15,385 129,093 $2,429 $17.36 18% 30% 0%

Kindle Ranker is a free tool that gathers information about 200 000 bestsellers in 10 000 kindle & book categories. For each Amazon book category, you get 7 critical metrics:

  •   The bestseller's rank and an estimate of the daily sales to be a bestselling author
  •   The 50th book's rank and an estimate of the daily sales to reach the front-page of a category's bestseller list
  •   Median volume sales - how much money to expect from any given Amazon book category
  •   Median price - how to price your book
  •   Volatility - how frequently does the bestseller list change
  •   New releases - how many newly released books are in the bestseller list
  •   Indie books - how many indie books successfully made it to the bestseller list

Find a profitable niche kindle category

Search for secret Amazon book categories by name, book title, book author and book description.

You can also use advanced search terms like AND, OR, exclusion(-) and wildcards(*) to narrow down your results: thriller AND suspense, fan*, teens OR children's,...

Pick the best Amazon book categories and watch your income grow to new levels!

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Pick the right Amazon KDP keywords!

Wouldn't it be amazing to discover secret book categories chosen by other authors?

How about harvesting keywords used by current bestselling authors?

Using natural language processing, Kindle Ranker allows you to do just that!

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How to become #1 on Amazon's Bestseller List and hold it

  • Indie success
  • 15%
  • Volatility
  • 15%
  • New releases
  • 40%

Kindle Ranker provides you with three crucial indicators

  •   Indie success - how many self published books make it to the bestseller list
  •   Volatility - how frequently does the bestseller list change
  •   New releases - how many bestsellers were released in the past 3 months

This information will help you locate secret niche amazon book categories where your books have more chance to remain in the book bestseller list!

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