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Thousands of authors and wanna-be writers publish their books on Amazon, either through a traditional publisher or KDP publishing, Amazon's self publishing platform.
Wouldn't it be amazing to harness some of its data to inspire new writers and give them the chance to learn from the best in the field?

This is exactly the point of Kindle Ranker's feature: Author Search!
Bonus: Check out the list of the 100 best selling writers on KDP.

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Amazon Author Search pulls data from Kindle Ranker's best seller database. If the author currently has books with a best-seller status, you get to see how well they are doing:

The tool also displays which categories are most favored by that particular author. As an aspiring writer, these clues will help you shape your own career path, seize opportunities, and comfort yourself in following the reasoned choice of more mature writers.

Fetch data from Amazon Author Central

Amazon Author Search currently loads the following information from an Author's Central page:

More features will soon make their way to Amazon Author Search, so stay tuned! In the mean time, all feedback is more than welcome. Send me an email on

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