Kindle Sales Calculator

Kindle Sales Calculator

Easily convert Amazon and Kindle’s best seller rank to daily sales!

Learn how many kindle eBooks a writer is selling by entering their Kindle Best Seller Rank:

kindle sales calculator
kindle sales calculator
kindle sales calculator
kindle sales calculator
kindle sales calculator
kindle sales calculator
kindle sales calculator
kindle sales calculator
kindle sales calculator
kindle sales calculator


There are a couple of Kindle sales calculators out there. All of them claim to be based on thousands of writers’ sales experience. All of them claim to be right and accurate. I will let you on a little secret.

None of them are.

No Kindle Sales Calculator is accurate, not even mine, for a very simple reason. Amazon does not share its sales data, so it is simply impossible to produce correct estimates.

Even more so when these estimates are based on the book’s rank, a relative number by definition!

A book’s rank (and thus its corresponding sales) vary from day to day according to the law of supply and demand. One day achieving the #35 position requires 900 sales because of a hot new release that’s roaring on Kindle. On other quiet days, it may go down to 400 sales…

That being said, there is some value to these Sales calculator tools. Maybe you will not get an accurate number of sales corresponding to a certain rank, but you will at least get an order of magnitude. And really that’s what you should focus on.

Do you need to sell dozens of books a day or a hundred in order to be a best seller in a given category?

This is especially useful when hestitating between multiple categories, that’s why I included the feature in Kindle Ranker‘s search engine.

Read more about how to avoid the most competitive categories and easily hit the #1 best seller position!



How to get the Amazon best seller’s rank

You can find the Amazon best seller’s rank on the product’s main page:

Input this number in the field above and press enter to get the corresponding number of daily sales.

Mathematical functions used in Kindle Sales Calculator

Below are the curve functions used to model the behavior of sales according to the book’s rank:

For Book ranks between 1 and 35:  Y = -1111xln(X) + 4698.3

For Book ranks between 35 and 200:  Y = -249.8* ln(X) + 1639.2

For Book ranks between 200 and 750:  Y = -153.4 * ln(X) + 1116.9

For Book ranks between 750 and 5500:  Y = -40.48 * ln(X) + 365.45

For Book ranks between 5500 and 70000:  Y = -5.85 * ln(X) + 66.088

Over 70000: Y = 1

I derived these function using non-linear curve fitting of the following discret values:

Amazon book rankDaily sales

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