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Global score of the book idea "dystopian world"



Great idea. Few best sellers explicitly cover this theme.



Average sales volume are mostly under the $1000/month mark, even for top selling books. If the difficulty is too high, it may not be worth the effort. Releasing multiple books is highly recommended.



The best selling titles are selling -on average- under 10 books a day. Make sure your cover/title/scenario/style stands out and be ready to aggressively promote your book to make it to any best seller list.



The sweet spot in terms of popularity and specifity. Great potential for revenue!

Your passion


After all, you've got to have passion and dedication about this idea to make it work.

Technical information related to books about "dystopian world"

Average book price


Average stars per book

Average reviews per book


Average book length

321 pages

Average title length

6 words

Top 5 best selling authors

Shane Purdy ,   Veronica Roth ,   Lois Lowry ,   JK Franks ,   Claire Vale  

Top 5 best selling publishers

(December 16, 2022) ,   Self Published ,   (May 25, 2023) ,   Katherine Tegen Books; 1st edition ,   Clarion Books; BOX edition  

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